Best Essential Oils The Best Essential Oils to Add to Your Bath Routine — And How to Do It Safely

Pick the wrong bottle and you could end up irritating your skin.

Middle Eastern meze platter with green falafel, pita, sun dried tomatoes, pumpkin and beet hummus, olives, stuffed peppers, tabbouleh, figs. Mediterranean appetizer party idea Why the Mediterranean Diet Is the Best Way to Eat Healthier

It's all about veggies, veggies, and more veggies.

how to lose weight fast How to Lose Weight Fast and Safely

We've got good news for spicy-food lovers.

Directly Above Shot Of Toiletries With Towel On Marble In Bathroom Yes, It's Trendy Right Now — But What Exactly Is Self-Care?

First of all, it ain't selfish. Not one little bit.

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does sunscreen expire How to Tell If Your Sunscreen Is Expired

Using old bottles can lead to sunburns and breakouts.

Acai and maca powder in glass jars The Truth About "Super" Powders, According to an R.D.

Forget acai! We're all about ginger.

A man just before or after a sneeze It’s 2019: How Are People Still Sneezing the Wrong Way?

There's a RIGHT way to sneeze, people!

mika leah and family Doctors Kept Calling It Stress. Then I Learned I Had a Blockage in My Heart.

Over and over, it was, "Nope, you're fine. Go home." And I finally said, "You know what? It's not."

kids toothpaste The CDC Says Most Kids Are Using Way Too Much Toothpaste

The wrong amount can damage developing teeth.

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Birthday Cake 8 Science-Backed Reasons We Only Get Better With Age

We're definitely looking forward to fewer colds and headaches.

Father applying medicine to son (12-17 months) What to Do If You Bought Recalled Infant Ibuprofen, According to an Actual Doctor

The medicine was sold at CVS, Walmart, and Family Dollar.

vickie n heart failure I Was Experiencing Full Heart Failure and Didn't Know It

My heart was functioning at only 5%, but I didn't have any symptoms.

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best OTC sleep aids The Truth About OTC Sleep Aids, According to Sleep Doctors

Never take P.M. painkillers just to sleep.

noom app What a Nutritionist Really Thinks About the Noom Diet

You can get personalized coaching in your pocket — but you'll have to pay.

giving up alcohol experience What It's Really Like to Give Up Alcohol

Deeper sleep, better skin, more energy: people can't stop raving about Dry January.

Wendy Williams Show Interview Wendy Williams Will Spend a "Significant Time" Hospitalized Due to Graves' Disease

The 54-year-old host is currently experiencing complications from her thyroid condition.

pegan diet What a Nutritionist Really Thinks of the Pegan Diet

It's not as simple as combining paleo and vegan.

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