Selena Barrientos

Selena Barrientos

Selena Barrientos is an editorial fellow at who helps cover entertainment news, food and holiday pieces.

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good friday facts
18 Things You Didn't Know About Good Friday

Germany takes this holiday very seriously.

best irish songs
20 Majestic Songs to Help You Celebrate All Things Irish

Keep the St. Paddy's Day celebrations going all night with these classic tunes.

Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Each U.S. President

Each Commander in Chief has brought his own flair to the job.

best things to do on valentines day
A List of the Very Best Things to Do on Valentine's Day This Year

Whether you're coupled up or living the single life, we've got you covered.

fun st patricks day activities
10 Magical St. Patrick's Day Activities for the Whole Family

This year, St. Paddy's falls on a Sunday, a.k.a the perfect day to host a festive brunch.

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Guinea Pig breeds
The Ultimate List of Guinea Pig Breeds

They've all got sparkling personalities, and are cute to boot.

wendy williams show
Wendy Williams Was Forced to Postpone Her Show After Shoulder Injury

Here's when your beloved host will be back in action.

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the wendy williams show
We Won't Be Saying "How You Doin'?" to Wendy Williams for a While

The beloved talk show host is taking more time off from her purple chair.

Polar Bear facts
These Photos of Polar Bears Will Take Your Breath Away

Calling them majestic is an understatement.

'The Wendy Williams Show' Has a New Host, and It's a Familiar Face

Wendy is still recovering from a recent shoulder injury.

how to say i love you
Not Sure What to Get Your S.O. for V-Day? This Quiz Has All the Answers

Some of these gifts don't cost a thing, but they'll mean the world to your partner.

the stayner brothers
The True Story Behind Cary Stayner's Murders and His Brother Steven's Legacy

Before watching 20/20's "Evil in Eden," get the backstory on these notorious brothers.

Super Bowl Party Decorations
17 Brilliant Super Bowl Party Ideas for the Ultimate Game Day

Whether you're Team Rams or Patriots (or Team Snacks), we've got all the decor you need.